Apple-Egg Diet Plan Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

As we all know, the key to losing weight is eating a healthy diet and getting regular cardio and muscle exercises as well. However, there are other factors included in the process as well – genetics, bad habits, and hormones play a part in weight gain as well. Despite the apparent aesthetical problem, weight gain has also been related to a variety of serious ailments, which is why you should make an effort to lose weight.

Furthermore, apples also contain a lot of water, another essential ingredient for losing weight. They also contain vitamins, minerals, and acids that will support your body during the challenging effort and help you reach your goals faster. The best thing of all is that they’re low in calories, which makes them perfect for losing weight. Consuming apples regularly will improve your digestion and metabolism and keep your gut flora in balance, which is another crucial aspect of losing weight.

The diet we have for you today is based on apples and eggs, as well. Eggs are just as high as apples – they are a great source of essential nutrients and protein as well, and although they’re rich in cholesterol, they are not harmful to your cardiovascular system.

Here’s how the diet plan looks like:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

  • Breakfast: 1 egg (boiled), two fresh apples
  • Lunch: same as breakfast
  • Dinner: 1 egg (boiled)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Breakfast: 1 egg (boiled), two fresh apples
  • Lunch: the same as breakfast plus a handful of almonds (unsalted)
  • Dinner: 1 egg (boiled)

To achieve the best results, you also need to drink plenty of water. If you don’t like plain water that much, you can switch to mineral water and herbal teas with no sugar. Whenever you’re feeling hungry, eat another apple, but make sure to stick to the diet plan. Follow the course for a week, and you’ll notice the results. If you want to repeat the process, wait for a week, and start all over again.

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