Mostly Weight Loss Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes

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There are many rules, guidelines, and or requirements whenever you try to engage in certain things or activities, and whether you’re new or going back for another try, mistakes and misconceptions are bound to happen, and this is okay because everyone makes mistakes.

However, just because mistakes are essential to our growth and are a part of our lives, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to avoid or lessen them.

Just like in the case of weight loss, there are many people and testimonials who claim that diets, even workouts are not effective in losing weight. People fail to recognize that achieving weight loss varies from a case-to-case basis.

For those who are aiming to lose weight or are already engaging in weight loss programs, we’ve created this outline of weight loss mistakes almost everybody makes. Do note that this is not a straightforward manual that tells you what specifically works or not, but rather ideas on how to make sure your weight loss exercise and diet are effective.

Eating too much or too few

The amount of food you consume plays a role in how you can lose calories. Eating too little plays both ways as it can either help you lose or gain weight, this happens because as you limit your food intake the body adjusts by burning calories more slowly than usual, but more importantly, sudden change or deprivation of food can distraught your body.

On the other hand, there’s little if not no need to explain how eating too much can make you gain weight.

Eating too much healthy food

People who are often sticking to a healthy diet think that it is okay to consume more food since it is termed as ‘healthy’ but it is for this very reason that they are gaining more weight instead of dropping it.

This is because people forget to watch or monitor how much they eat, the same goes for the portion sizing of their meals.

Eating little but unhealthy foods

Eating in smaller portions doesn’t mean smaller calorie intake. Each food has its content, there are foods which are bite-size but packs a whole lot of sugar. Great examples of this are deserts, junk food, and sodas.

It is good to settle once and for all that just because you are eating less, it doesn’t mean that losing weight will immediately follow. 

Food content and nutrients are important factors to consider also.

Eating more because you burned calories

It’s important to know that there is a difference between balance and compensation. This is important to mention because a lot of people have this mindset of ‘I can eat more or have larger portions because I burned a lot of calories today’, this is not true and not the way to go if you want to lose weight.

Making up for the calories you’ve lost can only lead to your current weight being stationary, or worse if you’re not careful, you might end up eating more than you should, making you gain more weight.

Remember that your workout should match your current diet and goal.


Of course, who doesn’t want to lose weight immediately? However, this is just the way things are. Weight loss will take time, which is why you should be patient and committed to losing weight, if not you will undoubtedly be disappointed.

There is no natural way to instantly or immediately lose weight, you need to consider how much of a strain it will be for your body if you suddenly lost a lot of weight, there will be no room for any adjustment period which can lead to serious health conditions.


Exercise is essential for weight loss because this speeds up the burning of calories most especially when done with proper diet.

But there are some things you should know and keep in mind about exercise to maximize its purpose.

Exercising in an ideal duration

Engaging in the right amount of exercise is important not only in weight loss but in maintaining and improving your overall health. This is due to the fact that having too much or too little exercise can hinder your progress in losing weight, not only that but can also cause serious health problems.

Having too much exercise, for example, can cause extreme amounts of fatigue and stress because your body is unable to keep up with the amount of feat you’re trying to achieve. When this happens the stress hormone cortisol is disrupted and can lead to extreme fatigue, a decrease in performance and even weight gain.

As for having too little exercise, what happens is that the number of calories you are burning cannot keep up with how much food you are taking in, which then leads to a fail in weight loss.

Mixing up your workout

Another reason why most people who aim for weight loss fail is that there is no variety.

This happens because of our body’s ability to adapt. When doing the same workout our body will get used to this as a routine and will lead to lesser calorie burn. Mixing up your workout challenges the body and therefore will lead to heavier calorie burning.

Other reasons as to why you should switch up your workout routines is because this can help prevent injuries and can help not only in losing weight but in building and toning your body.

Not enough protein or fiber consumption

Other than being healthy foods, both fiber and protein play an important role in weight loss and this is due to their ability in helping one feel satiated.

Protein, for example, can provide energy to the body which can help a lot when engaging in physical activity, it can also counteract one’s craving for carbs, and protein is essential in the building of muscle mass.

Fiber, on the other hand, helps in regulating bowel movements and decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body.

Getting enough rest and sleep

Getting enough physical activity is important in weight loss but the same thing goes for getting enough rest and sleep. While it might not seem convincing that taking a few minutes off and relaxing can help with weight loss, both rest and sleep have their benefits and contributions on how they can assist you in achieving your goal.

Both help in keeping your body healthy by letting you stop from overdoing it and preventing you from getting over fatigue, rest and sleep help you recharge from the day’s work.

Rest can help with weight loss through a process called resting body expenditure, this works as your body continues to burn calories after a workout or exercise. This is important because even if you eat a snack after your workout your body will continue to burn calories, not only that but this process makes up 60% – 75% of the calories you burn daily.

Sleep, on the other hand, can help in a number of ways. Lack of sleep makes your brain feel tired and sleepy, when this happens bad decisions and lack of impulse control such as relying on foods like coffee in order to satiate that feeling of tiredness, thus unwanted cravings happen. Also, the stress hormone cortisol rises and tells you to fuel your body through excessive eating. Not to mention your hunger clock is in disarray when you lack sleep.

Know your own style

This is very important to mention as people tend to self medicate illnesses the same way in exercise.

People tend to forget that exercise varies from one person to another. There are different factors to consider such as one’s body type, workout goal and what best suits your overall performance.

This is highly important to know which and how much your body can keep up with the physical activity. Also, this helps in narrowing down how you can make it easier to reach your goal.


Before indulging in a certain activity, it is good to have preparation time whether it be simple or complex. Giving enough preparation time gives you enough opportunity to avoid or lessen mistakes, not only that but to also decrease the time wasted on every trial and error that will happen if preparation time is neglected.  

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