Supporting Seniors Through College Application Crunch Time

Supporting Seniors Through College Application Crunch Time

Six ways to help them through this busy time of life.


1. facilitate them get the method off the bottom.

As the expression goes, the primary step is that the hardest. the school application method will appear overwhelming students. merely sitting next to a student as they go online to their account and explore the fundamentals of the appliance will take a number of the concern and anxiety out of the method.

2. Encourage making a timeline.

It’s the right time to assist teens “adult” by coming up with for approaching deadlines. obtaining specific concerning these dates can guarantee they create it through the method with a minimum of one acceptance letter. as an example, rather than writing “letter due,” they ought to write “ask academics for letter” and “follow up with academics concerning letters” on the suitable dates.

3. Speaking of letters …

This may be the primary time your student has asked for a favor from a coach. The terribly plan of that request will appear overwhelming to them. Students might imagine they’re the primary student to elicit a letter—hardly! provide to role-play the spoken communication. Encourage them to come back to the teacher with specifics, like info they’d like enclosed or promoted, the date, and therefore the suggests that of submitting the letter. Students ought to follow up with Associate in Nursing email containing all of that info also. Finally, guarantee students grasp to put in writing a thank-you note to recommending academics.

4. Leave no scholarship chance unknown.

Students usually suppose that if their college of selection didn’t provide them enough cash then that’s the tip of the journey for them. However, several scholarships ar out there, particularly if a student has expertise in a very sure field or is aware of the trail they require to pursue. as an example, the Architects Foundation offers this superb scholarship to college boy minority students going into design. Their post explains their need to encourage minority students to assist diversify the sector of design. facilitate your students establish areas that build them distinctive and guarantee they need the correct connections to potential scholarship opportunities.

5. provide support on the horrific essay.

Some English academics facilitate juniors and seniors follow writing their school essays before crunch time even hits, thus prompt students to remember on whether or not they’ve ever written a follow essay or another personal essay which may give the framework to their school essay. If a student is stuck, it will facilitate to raise them a few challenge they’ve overcome in their life or one thing they deeply believe as a spoken communication starter on the thanks to establishing a top level view. If essays aren’t your space, facilitate them faucet into college resources which will walk them through the method, like Associate in Nursing English schoolwork club, a favourite English professor, or perhaps a peer WHO may be a assured author. group action the school essay in isolation will kill ability.

6. Get to the basis of the choice.

What is your student basing their school call on? typically their soldiering within the application method may be a disguise for the very fact that they simply don’t grasp what they require to try to to nevertheless and wherever the simplest place for them can be. Discuss things you’ve seen school students within the past contemplate as major factors within the call, like location, proximity to family, the standard of the school’s program in a very desired space, the dimensions of the varsity, field life, and the rest they will regard necessary. A spoken communication might disclose to them additional concerning what they require than they originally completed.

In the end, your students can survive the “common cold” and would possibly even have epiphanies concerning themselves on the means, with some easy steering and spoken communication from you.


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